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Security B-Sides Orlando 2016

March 12-13, 2016 - Security B-sides Orlando is a community driven event seeking to bring together anyone with a passion for making, breaking, or protecting. We welcome newbies and experts and anyone in between. Even if you don’t work in information security, you will be sure to find topics of interest. Please join us for the 4th Annual Security B-Sides Orlando Conference.

Bsides Orlando acts as a supplement to larger events, namely SANS Orlando 2016. In running Bsides Orlando alongside of SANS, we get the ability to provide a laid back environment to the professionals attending SANS and access to speakers that normally wouldn’t be at the event. This allows us to foster communications and collaboration that helps increase the level of engagement between professionals, hobbyists and students.

The goal of Bsides Orlando is to bring the conversation to another level, to inspire people in their passions for security. Major conferences often focus on the current hot button topics in information security, while Bsides Orlando and similar Bsides events often cover topics that don’t get the big spotlight, but should be discussed. This includes anything from learning how to prototype electronics projects to discussing the ethics of target rich environments in a pentest.

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Previous Events

Cyber Security Conference at UCF

March 15, 2014 - The event is being organized by UCF Associate Professor Sheau-Dong Lang who leads the UCF Digital Forensics program. This conference will offer valuable safety tips and free CD's of security tools to students as well as local citizens. The conference is sponsored through a donation to UCF Foundation by the chART Magazine’s Publisher Casey Swann (class 83).

  • National Security and the Media vs. Individual Privacy: Who's Winning? - Professor & Dean Emeritus Jon Mills of Fredric G. Levin College of Law at the University of Florida
  • Law Enforcement Perspective: A Checklist for Evidence Needed before Contacting Authorities - Sandra Osborne - Digital Forensics Unit of Orange County Sheriffís Office
  • Law Enforcement Perspective: UCF Campus Cyber Security issues - Eric Walton, Technology Based Crime Unit, UCF Police Department
  • Security Risks of Mobile Devices and Their Mitigation - Nasa Quba and Kausar Khizra, Forensic Consultants and UCF Alumni
  • Cyber Security & Digital Forensics, UCF's Digital Forensics Program - Dr. Sheau-Dong Lang, Program Coordinator, and Dr. Cliff Zou, Associate Professor, College of Engineering and Computer Science, University of Central Florida
  • Cyber Defense Tools and Demonstrations - Hack@UCF Collegiate Cyber Defense Club at UCF, Club's Faculty Advisor Dr. Tom Nedorost

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