Institutional Resources

Institutional Resources

Computer Services and Telecommunications (CS&T) is an operating unit within the Information Technologies and Resources (IT&R) Division at the University of Central Florida. The Information Security Office (ISO), as a part of the CS&T team, promotes information security best practices through security awareness, online resources, targeted workshops, annual security awareness programs, and by publishing policies, standards and best practices.   Chris Vakhordjian is the Information Security Officer for the University of Central Florida, and provides direction for the Information Security Office. The Information Security Officer reports to the director of Computer Services & Telecommunications, and the Vice Provost for Information Technologies & Resources (CIO). 

Policies, Standards, Strategies:

ISO is responsible for setting university policies, strategies, standards, and procedures for information and system security including protection, disaster recovery, and business continuance, including: 

Additional policies, standards, and guidelines may be found at and at 

Information, Training, Best Practices:

The Information Security Office is responsible for promoting awareness, training and tutorials to the university community.   Information is disseminated through email, websites, new employee orientation, student orientation, face security presentations and other media.  Some examples of these efforts are as follows: 

General information access for Information Security can be readily found at: 

Information Security Brochures are created to educate and train employees and staff: 

As a part of ISO’s training and awareness program, the ISO provides guidelines for the university community.  Common Guidelines for all systems and devices can be found at: 

The university community plays a key role in both executing best practices across our large and varied campus environment, and in helping to prevent and resolve incidents.  ISO encourages all university constituents to be aware that they are the key to information security at UCF, by learning more about their role in Cyber Security via selecting a link below to find available resources, regarding their role:

Incident Response:

To ensure that incidents are handled quickly and key evidence is preserved for forensic use, the ISO publishes guidelines on proper handling and incident response, as follows: