Rochelle Elva

Professional Profile:

Dedicated teacher with years of teaching experience. Guided by a strong belief that effective learning is supported by good teaching practices. Appreciative of the rewards of the teaching learning exchange. Professionally schooled in educational philosophy, pedagogy and curriculum development.


The University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL., U.S.A. • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science, August 2013 • Cumulative GPA: 3.7/4.00 Dissertation Title: Detecting Semantic Method Clones in Java Code Using Method IOE-Behavior Advisor: Gary T. Leavens

The University of Central Florida, Orlando FL. U.S.A. • Master of Science in Computer Science, 2005 • Cumulative GPA: 3.67/4.00

The University of The West Indies, St. Augustine, Trinidad • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a Minor in Education, 2002 • Cumulative GPA: 4.0/4.00

Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, Division of Teacher Education, Castries, St. Lucia • Associates Degree in Education, 1997 • Cumulative GPA: 4.0/4.00


  • Experience in research on Software Engineering and Program Analysis (particularly in the area of Software Clone Detection).
  • Proficiency in Software Development in Java, C++ and C
  • Proficiency in Software Modeling using UML
  • Familiarity with Database Design, SQL, MYSQL, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP


University of Central Florida

Prepared and taught the following courses:

• Operating Systems(Required course for Computer Science Seniors) In this course we covered the basic concepts associated with the design and functionality of operating systems. There was great emphasis on application, analysis and critical thinking. Students were encouraged in class discussions and assignments, to apply the concepts learned during lectures.

• Fundamentals of IT(Required course for Information Technology ) In Fall of 2015 I revised this course to include content that a focus group of advisers in industry, identified as required skills for graduating IT students. The content added was basic scripting, and greater emphasis on digitizing data and digital security.

• Database Concepts(Required course for Information Technology majors) This was my second offering of this course. From the lessons learned from the first semester, the course was taught with greater emphasis on its application to real world IT jobs. Students were very receptive to this approach and 2 students applied for database internships.

• Introduction to C Programming(Required course for Computer Science, Information Technology and Mathematics Majors) Upon examination of the curriculum for this course, I felt that students needed more guided practice with coding. In response to that, I offered an optional programming lab session, separate from the course lectures. Students who participated in the weekly lab performed better in their final exams.

• Topics in Computer Science(Required course for Computer Science majors taken by Seniors) The primary goals of this course, are to facilitate the development of professional presentation skills and to allow students to explore a variety of topics in Computer Science while reflecting on their ethical impacts. Students’ success was evaluated based on their performance in individual and group presentations on the topics researched. To make the class more interactive, I required that students participate in the grading of presentations and also give verbal feedback to their peers. The scholarly writings of UCF professors and Ph.D. students were used for reading and summary writing assignments. Students commented that this made the course more relevant and interesting.