Community Conferences and Other Cybersecurity Resources

Community Conferences and Resources

Security B-Sides Orlando

Security B-Sides Orlando is a community organized event, driven by the passion to connect people together, whether it’s to build relationships for a project, or to get to know your fellow professionals. The goal of Bsides Orlando is to bring the conversation to another level, to inspire people in their passions for security. Major conferences often focus on the current hot button topics in information security, while Bsides Orlando and similar Bsides events often cover topics that don’t get the big spotlight, but should be discussed. This includes anything from learning how to prototype electronics projects to discussing the ethics of target rich environments in a pentest.

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UCF Cybersecurity Expo (PegaSec):

Hosted by UCF Information Security Office, this annual cybersecurity expo, started since 2019, celebrates the Cyber Security Awareness Month, and feature cybersecurity content tailored for members of the UCF community. Both UCF students and employees are invited to attend.

2019 Cybersecurity Expo:

2020 Cybersecurity Expo (virtual):

2021 Cybersecurity Expo (virtual):

Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities:

The Florida Consortium of Metropolitan Research Universities is a collaborative partnership between Florida International University, the University of Central Florida, and the University of South Florida, operationally formed with consultation and support from the Helios Education Foundation.

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Other Online Cybersecurity Educational Guide: