Institutional Resources

Institutional Resources

UCF Information Security Office (Infosec):

The Information Security Office (InfoSec) in UCF promotes best practices through security awareness, online resources, targeted workshops, regular security awareness programs, as well as by publishing policies, standards, and guidelines. Furthermore, ISO enforces security elements within application, infrastructure, data architectures, and development methodologies, and is responsible for developing university policies, strategies, and standards, in addition to protection, disaster recovery, and business continuance procedures. 

All information security standards can be found here (

UCF Cybersecurity Expo (PegaSec):

Hosted by UCF Information Security Office, this annual cybersecurity expo, started since 2019, celebrates the Cyber Security Awareness Month, and feature cybersecurity content tailored for members of the UCF community. Both UCF students and employees are invited to attend.

2019 Cybersecurity Expo:

2020 Cybersecurity Expo (virtual):

2021 Cybersecurity Expo (virtual):

UCF IT Support Center:

UCF IT Support Center has created a Knowledge Base to answer many common questions UCF employee and students might have in using computing resources. The Knowledge Base has provided rich tutorials on cybersecurity issues, which can be found here. Some examples are:

  1. What is Phishing -
  2. Protect Yourself from Spear Phishing -
  3. How to Forward an Email as an attachment when Reporting Spam or Phishing -
  4. Gift Card Scams -

Lockheed Martin Cyber Innovation Lab:

In Feburary 2019, with the 1.5 millon dollars donated by Lockheed Martin, UCF built and opened the 970-square-foot lab to serve as a learning hub, classroom and the practice center for Hack@UCF, the university’s cyberdefense student club. Here is the news article covering the openning of this cyber lab.